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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


time always escapes us as we approach it with such motivation
fighting for balance between right and wrong
leaving us in a state of confusion
unable to make a decision that would improve our character not degrade it
reality begins to knock on our mental door
leaving it in a whirlwind of questions
what if's replay continuously
questions but no answers
the simplest things become a revelation
turning us into a new direction
but what good is direction if there is no destination?
mistakes then become professor in life 101
cycle begins to repeat itself yet again
wrong situation, right time, maybe decision failure is a new possibility
the mindset of impossibility then leaves quickly
leaving us stranded to ponder on "what if's"
if only time could reverse itself what decision would we make
would common sense then become our friend mentally
or forever be enemies
would we listen to everything that surrounds us that tell us NO BODLY
or would we ignore it focused on chance.....
only time will tell us the answers what if's
until then we continue on this carousel waiting for our departure

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