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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mental orgasm

I can think of ways to turn your mind on get u off while keeping your
clothes on. Just give me the password to get inside i promise i won't
bite so don’’t try to hide. I just want to touch you mentally kiss you
subliminally betta yet...Let me undress your intellect caress your mind
process. I just want you to ride train of thought. If your mind's a trap, i wanna
get caught up in you let your mind do what it do. Open your mental gates
and let me through cause i wonder if your mind is ever actually on me. I
would be your pillow just to be in your dreams. I keep thinking of our
vibe, our chemistry rename myself memorize if it would help u remember
me cause i must admit u imprinted on my memory open wide...Let me make
love to you mentally lay down your thoughts relax your mind as i
commence to send chills down your subliminal spine. I want use my words
to stimulate your aura i'm trying to make your mind scream my name
see...I'm not suggesting that you should be giving it up it’s just
that...Your mind's kind of tight let me loosen it up ;-) open up for me.
What words are you thinking of? I want to stroke each syllable show each
letter some love. Can i nibble on your consciousness? Can i lick each
word you speak? Yeah i admit...I'm even a subconscious freak make you
reach your peak your mind's having spasms that's that real shit....A
mental orgasm......

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