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Tuesday, July 20, 2010



If I told u that there were no words to describe the way u have intruded my thoughts with ur very being
How would u react
Would your reaction become an emotion painted across the canvas of your face
Would it relase your hands to become fluid therefore touching the very thing that u have captured
If I spoke to u in movement that can only be translated by the mind, would u pay close attention or would u join in this mental dance moving to beats created by the heart but sung through the soul
Speaking hypothetically
What if just what if I never met u, u never met me…..would our lives be the same paradise of mental stimulation
OR what if there was a time limt on this, there is now way to introduce, or dismiss this.
Hypothetically speaking u have become the source of my love

Or is this love
I think this is love,,,, BUT how do I know its love is it the way u have stepped into my soul and rested on my heart OR is it the way u have made love to my mental witout even touching my physical
OR is it the way u have me reminiscing on conversation from way back when or is it the way u have me looking forward to memories that have yet 2 take place……WOW am I still speaking hypothetically or am I speaking reality??

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