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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

poetic relationship

my art- lives at the speed of dark-reflects in your eyes and is quick to test your heart-love leaves birthmarks
....Birthmarks that have left the imprint of ur souls reflection..reflection of our deepest desires to pursue passion....that so vivdly carousels our hearts...freed beyond control
but control is just an illusion- perfection is what we're pursuin- so I close my eyes and keep on movin-and pray I know what I'm doin
and yet we seek this perfection.....perfection is only u and i.....blurred is the world against our movement so lyrically inspired by your touch we share this mental waltz and begin the orgasm of love
until I realize- that life's is true lies-and the perfection that I sought I found in your eyes
lies can only be told when then mind decieves the heart.....uttered desires escape from deep within my soul....ya ears catching every word and hands acting out every scence

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