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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Songs, lyrics, notes, chords all working in a symphonic marriage.
Producing ecstasy for my ears, allowing my soul to become excited, moving me to my feet involuntarily no fight. it is the language that shoot out of my mouth and speak in silence…..Is music the moving of my lip according to my mind command….simply music is the need I didn’t want, the craving I cant fulfill, the growth to my desire….it is music that drives my motivation. Creates serenity in my own mind. IS IT THE WAY it can capture my attention and speak to my mental, or is it the way that makes me SAY AHHH, or is because it creates an ADDICTION, no it’s the way it makess me sing THERE GOES MY BABY, I think it’s the way it makes me think you WOULDVE BEEN THE ONE,allowing my mind to be ALREADY TAKEN to a mental METROPOLIS got me screaming OMG…..this music gets to me every time……speaking loudly but still silent. Music is my breathe, yes its music that loves me unconditionally. Music,this is music this is music….

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