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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

olde to aries!

An everyday road becomes an adventure for us unconsciously stepping into whirlwinds of disputes.
Disputes that not only can be mentally damaging but sometimes deadly to our prey. Demanding attention even from the unwilling subjects who dares to challenge our wit, unleashing a verbal storm leaving them 2 confused and angry to even respond. On the contrary erotically we are the diamond of all signs, sensually transforming each n every minute of our sexual movement. Becoming the physical drug ya mind has been yearning for….quickly taken away your sanity using your weakness to our advantage slowly teaching you a lesson never to be forgotten who are we Being compared to any other EGO. Our presence exudes recognition, no comparison, just admiration for our kind. Slow to speak but quick to act is how our lives are lived. Walking through life head held high because were always 5 steps ahead of the preyed upon. SUCCESS. Who are we. ARIES.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Perfection expected
Standards Given
Peoples personality
no identity
feelings of rejection
not welcomed anywhere
turn to outside influence
looking for peace
instead found PIECE
5 mins here, 7 mins there, quick escape momentarily
soul still empty
hiding behind a "smile"
temptation now easy
no fight
church was a sanctuary
now my enemy
its inhabitants
pain to my heart
forced to contain my anger
no outlet
they was supposed to love
instead they hurt
struck deep
judging without understanding
struggle within self
inner demons
fighting this battle
but losing
each word becoming a strike
silent tears

Friday, September 17, 2010

Grammar Sex

I love your cognitive poetic ways. You have evolved before my eyes. Its exciting to watch the roots as they develop. Each & every syllable that I have you may stroke as often and as many times as you'd like. Be aware, for each syllable you caress, will start to pronunciation, and this introduces affection, a verbal escalate the sensations be aware, for each syllable you caress with your eyes, caresses back. With each excitement you comprise onto them... They will reach out and grab the very fibers of your thoughts, thrusting themselves onto your dimensional comfort zone and slowly passing they're tongue along your cognitive curvy frame arousing each hair... When my physical grammar connects with your curvy physical letter "S". New vocabulary shall be born. New articulations shall be pronounced, and a new language shall be introduced. interrogate your senses, handcuff your desires & tease them.my words, seduce your eyes only to enter your mind, to then travel within your metaphors As they travel.. your sensations of desire, lust.. along with your emotions of wanting & needing get touched and played with finally meet each other.elevated so high in sensations,Sensuality. The good thing, we can keep doing this forever and it will never get boring...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


animosity towards success
hostility to the motivated
revenge against the powerful mind
positivity not allowed in this environment
only achievement allowed is ruthless behavior and outbursts
rage drives and encourage
brutal words becomes bombs
targeting the positive one
rumors become missile falling
upon cold hearted ears
given life they sprout
grow intensely
jealousy takes over the mind
interfering with reality
blinded by illusion
progress becomes offensive
the mouth speaks words of disdain
provoking the hated for a reaction
isolation only encourages the negativity


Creating the greatest music
To fall upon ears
Beats standing alone
Keyz striking emotions from the outsiders
Lyrics becomes an invitation
Production forces rejection
As if on que the masters create
Depriving attention from thrill seekers
Letting their presence be known
Creating infinties out of nothing
Silently becoming the future
Being the distance between
And greatness
Music is their life
Allowing the words of their songs to create rules
Reaching beyond expected
Merely their existence alone is enough
Breaking borders of insecurites
Limitless possiblities
dawn of a new sound
The Muziqkorner era
Isolation creates the greatest music
Music breeds genius
Creation births beats
And combined this is alienation!


love is a journey of roads uncrossed
to go in or out
only to speak those words
encrypted on heart's eyelids
lingering essence of thoughts unspoken
yet this is what we live for
what our inner most being
so longingly desire
to be caressed with love's softest touch
the idea of this perfect union
but our equation never subtract's love's negatives
and dare not speak against this
we welcome it
beyond standards of life
confirming love's place to b permanent
love is a journey of roads UNCROSSED!