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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Perfection expected
Standards Given
Peoples personality
no identity
feelings of rejection
not welcomed anywhere
turn to outside influence
looking for peace
instead found PIECE
5 mins here, 7 mins there, quick escape momentarily
soul still empty
hiding behind a "smile"
temptation now easy
no fight
church was a sanctuary
now my enemy
its inhabitants
pain to my heart
forced to contain my anger
no outlet
they was supposed to love
instead they hurt
struck deep
judging without understanding
struggle within self
inner demons
fighting this battle
but losing
each word becoming a strike
silent tears

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  1. Don't let the church ppl turn u away. Lean on the word not the ppl because they are as imperfect as u r. The word never changes even when the weather does and that should be the only reliable source that u depend on....but I do hear u and Have been there so I hope my words don't strike a nerve...God Bless!and thanks 4 sharing!