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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

olde to aries!

An everyday road becomes an adventure for us unconsciously stepping into whirlwinds of disputes.
Disputes that not only can be mentally damaging but sometimes deadly to our prey. Demanding attention even from the unwilling subjects who dares to challenge our wit, unleashing a verbal storm leaving them 2 confused and angry to even respond. On the contrary erotically we are the diamond of all signs, sensually transforming each n every minute of our sexual movement. Becoming the physical drug ya mind has been yearning for….quickly taken away your sanity using your weakness to our advantage slowly teaching you a lesson never to be forgotten who are we Being compared to any other EGO. Our presence exudes recognition, no comparison, just admiration for our kind. Slow to speak but quick to act is how our lives are lived. Walking through life head held high because were always 5 steps ahead of the preyed upon. SUCCESS. Who are we. ARIES.

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