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Monday, October 11, 2010


For all of my followers that wonder why i always tweet chasethedream, or wonder where i get it from? well here's your chance to read about the most positive movement and entertainment group in New York State. Elite Leaders in Society better knows as ELSis a young group of Entrepreneurs, that are trying to leave an impact on this society. That are looking to take risk that most young black males don't. They Separated themselves from the pack. Their Focus is to move forward and build. If its through event promotion, music, entertainment,real estate, etc we are going to force our way in. Its just about getting involved with the same people who have the focus and drive as you. this whole mission they have is a positive way to have fun, network and most importantly make money while mingling with friends. Founded in 2006, where their start was house parties amongst some eager entrepreneur. its as simple as dream and it all takes is hardwork and dedication to make dreams a reality hence the "chasethedream" movement. The "Chase The Dream" movement is about anything is possible. Don't let no one tell you its not possible. You have to pursue all your dreams. No matter what age, race, condition, or whatever, if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication dreams do come true. How many people have you know that have come from nothing to something?? Its there for the taking. Its about how hard you want to get it. "Chase The Dream"....its not just a hashtag on twitter or a simple status on facebook. "chasethedream" has become a way of life for these young entrepreneurs and even for myself.....seeing how motivated ELS should inspire anybody to get up and chase their dreams....langston hughes said it best..."What happens to a dream deferred?Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun?" therefore we cannot afford to just let our goals and aspirations to just shrivel up and die, so im encouraging everybody to "CHASE THE DREAM" and motivate yourself first then draw from others.... for the twitter readers follow @Dante_ELS<<<>

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