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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


THIS - has me chasing highs unheard of
dancing to tunes unthinkable..
creating words not to be spoken
coloring images without tracing
singing lyrics with no melodies
im so full from this
full from conversation and poetry
dreaming of unrealistic fantasies...

THIS- got me reminiscing on yesterday
those days when love was so easy
as a summer breeze
calm and free
detaching my soul from me temporarily

THIS - has me showing gratitude in every way imaginable
THANKS! can be said but i rather show u what thanks is

THIS- has me skipping beats and has my heart on pause
drawing on stars and signing on clouds....
painting my world the color of u!
just so i can surrounded by u...

see your presence is a gift and i don't want to waste it

THIS- has me rewriting letters of love
emphasizing every analogy to match what THIS is
is has me editing you into each sentence and marking punctuation with permanency
capitalizing moments from u

THIS-got me feeling kiddish n shit
feeling like school daze
writing your last name in my notebook
dreaming of being the missus...
got me signing on trees and marking up leaves...


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  1. I loved it :) reminds me when love was innocent, not hurt, regret or sorry. Great Post!