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Friday, September 17, 2010

Grammar Sex

I love your cognitive poetic ways. You have evolved before my eyes. Its exciting to watch the roots as they develop. Each & every syllable that I have you may stroke as often and as many times as you'd like. Be aware, for each syllable you caress, will start to pronunciation, and this introduces affection, a verbal escalate the sensations be aware, for each syllable you caress with your eyes, caresses back. With each excitement you comprise onto them... They will reach out and grab the very fibers of your thoughts, thrusting themselves onto your dimensional comfort zone and slowly passing they're tongue along your cognitive curvy frame arousing each hair... When my physical grammar connects with your curvy physical letter "S". New vocabulary shall be born. New articulations shall be pronounced, and a new language shall be introduced. interrogate your senses, handcuff your desires & tease them.my words, seduce your eyes only to enter your mind, to then travel within your metaphors As they travel.. your sensations of desire, lust.. along with your emotions of wanting & needing get touched and played with finally meet each other.elevated so high in sensations,Sensuality. The good thing, we can keep doing this forever and it will never get boring...

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