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Thursday, July 22, 2010


what if we were painters?
attempting to create scenic portraits for our lives
what if the brush was our motivation
and the paint was our dreams
what color would the paint be?
would it be purple full of royal like aspirations
would it be yellow....optimistic and full of hope
better yet could it be green-successful and wealthy view

what if our sky was pink and the grass was blue so that when we looked down we are instantly uplifted
what if combined all these colors would be on the canvas we called life

what if we were farmers ?
and we planted all our dreams
and watered them with positivity
nurtured them with ambition
surround them with drive and the grass sprouted life all over these dreams

what if we were singers?
and the notes we sung were countless possibilities of what could be
what if each lyric had a different passion
how would u sing your chorus
would it be a victorious chant or a defeating tune

what if you were creative

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