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Sunday, August 8, 2010

poetry foreplay

Our lips touch sending electric jolts to our inner senses......Moans escaping my mouth as u explore this body with your fingertips.....This Man has the power to either FREE me keep me Captive with just one powerful stroke of his tongue!

soft kisses down my thighs causes my jewel to swell with excitement waiting for her turn to be touched and kissed....yet my mouth is feeling forgotten....longing to have the chance to dance with his king!

his head is now buried....tasting my love....i can't even breathe waves of pleasure is crashing throughout my body uncontrollably....This Man is taking me to ecstasy with every tongue stroke and lick.....Releasing what he wants so badly .....

I invite him up to share my essence with me.....switching places is now my turn to show my ultimate appreciation to my king! knowing that that appreciation intensifies every time we meet.....standing tall i smile because if only he knew how long i wanted this meeting with him.....kisses turn into a slow dance up and down slowly making sure to let him feel every stroke....

i cant leave out his guards they deserve affection as well.....as they enter the queens room they instantly fill with joy....but only the king can release them.....tongue kissin the king with such emotion he fills me up with everything in him....

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