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Saturday, December 4, 2010


I often wondered how it would to be Happy and be seen without prejudgement
How it would feel to not live behind an emotional wall, to truly accept love for what it is and not be scared

Is there anyway to solve a problem that's so deeply rooted i refuse to look at it.

Looking at these mirrors im disgusted by my soul and heart reflection the emotional person I've become Isnt what i want.

Each day i go thru go motions of being happy but deep down happiness DOESNT really exist in my lonely world.

The struggle between self worth and emotions constantly battling for space in my mind daily consumes me.

So often I've gave lectures and encouraged others to let the wall down and accept change to let the heart live and welcome love.... To banish hurt n rejection from its permanent place and to welcome joy and peace in its place.

Words I've spoken but have not listened to, easier said then done. It is hard to move forward without dealing w unresolved issues.

What is true happiness and how do we know it exist?

Is it a pre-conceived notion that somehow comes naturally when were born.

Who teaches us to intimately love another being that deserves it?

Where do i begin to unlock one hurt, deal with the pain temporarily and never have to live with it again?

This permanent insanity of my heart has me rethinking my steps from a broken heart and yet it hasn't gotten easier. .....


  1. just some feelings i been having for a while that needed to come out