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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letter to the sky part 3

Journey down this road yet again
Victory in sight
yet, defeat keeps riding past me
No Setback
Refused Defeats ride this time.
Looking for motivation
i stop for reflection
diluted connection
no voice, no words, no emotions.
empty, broken inside
striving to live
living to die
this roulette of my mental
shakens me
haunts me
pauses me
what is this feeling that i have no control over
no, no, no No, NO!
look up to the sky
sun smiling at me
speaking strentgh into my soul
brushing myself off,
wiping off fear
doubt still on my back
outrunning failure
and laughing at defeat
who am i to be defeated?
for i am set apart
my dream wouldnt allow it
my ambitions requires it
my past enables it
my futures resembles it
outran my hinderances
speaking final goodbyes
no need for emotional departures
negativity died along time ago
i look up the sky for where i am
is where im suppose to be forever
for the place im in now is my destiny
and i thank u for your clouds,
and rain

my last letter to the sky

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  1. Wow! True letter of reflection...seems to be at peace..I loved it :)