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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reality Speaking

Passion awaits,
debates of politically corrupt politicians, with ambitions of greed and seeds of hate,
ubiquity and iniquity settle the score...

A battle where intelligence has become the target
against poverty stricken mentalities yearning for concern
in world where the simplest word attacks the being of a soul
A soul drenched in agony,
the irony of a prom queen spirit,
waring against a strippers reality...

the brutality of a strong current
beating against the shore
of my mental capacity ‎​
A Love story turned into a tragedy...‎​

Lookn through the eyes of my heart there's no reason to accept love
to live freely
conquering fears of heartbreak
and the aches of my souls
treading within
Fighting the demons of hate
battling daybreak and sunset
where am I to go
existing in a world where to live is to die
and to die is to live....

Yet again I'm left in question
Struggling to comprehend
The beginning from the end
Of it all.

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